Big portion of our containers goes to Kotka, where M r Jukka Muuri professionally unloads, clears customs, and forwards all the products to our customers.

Due to various factors, we do not locate all part ourselves, but if you were to find them for example† from internet, Mr Muuri will be happy to provide Additional info about freight available options.

Currently available in Finland only

Customs clearances, port handling, , freight forwarding to final destination and etc.

In Finland


Kimmo Plit provides help with registration and inspections in Finland


Currently available in Finland only

Registration and inspection help

Sales Since 1989

Rays Automotive

†We provide following services:

Our Services

We have operated since 1989 and will provide you with personalized† customer service.


We personally load all containers and carefully tie down all vehicles with four steel cables.† Big portion of our containers goes to Kotka, but for example Gothenburg, South Hampton or Bremerhaven are other options.†

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We will pick up vehicles our self or will have them transported to Timmonsville for loading. Transport fees are influenced by location, vehicles drive ability, and size.


We will help with providing all available† documents necessary for registering, and in obtaining required modification parts for vehicles purchased originally from us.

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Customer support

Jukka Muuriíscell # 0400 913 351

Kimmo Plitís cell # 040 548 6551

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Additional information and transport quotes are available @